Quality vs. Deluxe

Quality is nourishment:
Deluxe is stimulus. 
Quality is permanent:
Deluxe is fleeting. 
Quality is thoughtful:
Deluxe is superficial. 
Quality is multi-dimensional:
Deluxe is one-dimensional. 
Quality changes us:
Deluxe doesn't. 

Technology & Connection

The way I see technology helping us get healthier isn’t through the purchase of fancy new fitness technology products - it’s by connecting people with one another, sharing ideas and perspectives that would not have otherwise been connected. Technology allows us the opportunity to mold and create the life we want, surround ourselves with the people we care about, and change our environment to our benefit.

(Learn To) Listen

The advice to just "listen to your body" can be quite vague and misguided.
Especially to those who've just started out on this journey. 
Most people are so far disconnected. 
Before listening, we first must learn to listen;
It's a skill.


The Looking-Glass Self

"Looking into a mirror is an interactive process through which connections are made between the personal subjective self of the viewer and the external world of other people. Because we have no direct access to the external reality of the body, even with the existence of aids such as mirrors and the wide range technical apparatus available to us now, the act of human perception is always mediated symbolically by meaning. When we are looking into a mirror we are therefore engaged in an act of imagination whereby the self is constructed symbolically as a portrait or a picture. "  ~Mike Hepworth


When fear arises, there really is no way to get rid of it. 
It's biologically embedded into our reptilian brains. 
Instead of trying to get rid of it, we must dance with it. 
How we choreograph this dance, is entirely up to us.  


When our bodies function normally, there is a sort of disappearance that occurs - where there really is no need to contemplate or examine what's going on within our bodies when everything is going according to plan...
That is until we experience glitches in our bodies that immediately demand our attention;
Drew Leder, in his book The Absent Body, calls this dysappearance
It's a shame that it takes sudden moments of bodily failure for us to start to really pay attention.  

Coworking Models

The Coworking model really excites me; Spaces created for like-minded individuals to come together and thrive. The way we are doing work is obviously starting to shift - It is estimated that by the year 2020, 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, contractors who run their own business. The coworking space seem to be the obvious next step after the coffee house, which has served as a hub for people with different perspectives and passions to come together, drink coffee and cross pollenate ideas. 

Because of technology, it's no longer necessary to physically engage with our work. It's important, now more than ever, to start marrying physical movement with our creative labor.  Where people come together, do some work, drink coffee, move their bodies around, and share their ideas. (Walking meetings, conference rooms doubled as yoga studios, climbing walls lining office walls, pull-up bars along the walls, etc.) 

To some it may sound extreme, to others it's paradise... but what's important that we put to rest the notion that movement and fitness only happen at the gym. Coworking spaces can be a platform where dialogue isn't just shared via words, but also physical expression. 

Where the head goes

Where the head goes, the body follows.
Perception precedes action.
Right action follows the right perspective.
— Ryan Holiday
I’m more interested in teaching you how to see. If you can see the world as it is, and not the way you want it to be, letting your genius out becomes a thousand times easier.
— Seth Godin

Recalibrating Success

"The over-promise of what success looks like, is what’s causing people to lose… We need to recalibrate what success looks like in our space, because we’re forcing, through the branding of what we’re doing very impractical, very high risk, very low return results for so many because everyone is shooting for 10 billion.” 
~Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur/Investor

Would you call the winner of the "Biggest Loser" successful, if after a year, she's back to her original physical state? 
Would you say that a fat-loss pill company is successful because of their continuous rise in bottles sold? 
Would you say that a "fitness professional" must know what they're talking about based on the amount of social media followers?  

We're living through the golden era of information, but with that comes the crazy inflation of the fitness industry bubble. We need to recalibrate what it means to be healthy. 

Creative Labor

I think it's important to emphasize that there is a difference between work and creative labor. 
Work is having to drag yourself to the gym. 
Work is hitting X reps and Y sets and logging Z miles. 
Work is the chore of having to cook your proteins, carbs, and fats. 

Creative labor is having the opportunity to push through physical/mental limits. 
Creative labor is forgetting everything on your mind and reconnecting with your senses.
Creative labor is creating a delicious, well- thought-out, beautiful meal for yourself. 

Sometimes work is work, but with a shift in perspective it can also be creative labor. 

Highlight Reels

People aren't amazed or impressed anymore.
Not because they've already experienced it,
but because they've already seen it. Many times
Without a story behind it allowing us to reflect on our own path,
the highlight reel serves only as fleeting stimulation.  


Throwing Weight

What's the point of gaining weight, if all we want to do is throw it around?
Theres a price to be paid in maintaining all that weight, and it's expensive. 

Keep Going

How we frame our sentences matters (see framing effect)
"Keep going!" isn't the same as "Don't stop!" 
We all react to these two statements differently.
The latter immediately get us thinking about the very thing we don't want to do.
Something to think about when we're going through that internal dialogue.


Fitness-Industrial Complex

The fitness industry is just that... an industry.
Most of the industry is more concerned with making money than the actual health and transformation of the people they're allegedly serving. Many are out to make a financial gain from this economic activity of pretending to provide the people with something most want, but don’t have... 
"fit bodies". 



Measuring Time

When we measure time with minutes and seconds - we all get the same 24 hours in a day. 
Sand in the  hour glass trickles the same for you as it does me. 
But what if we measured time with the amount of breaths we take?
With this perspective... the sand trickles differently for each and everyone of us. 
Our breaths are determined by our psychological and physiological states.  
If we're in a constant state of stress and illness our breaths shorten. 
In short, time speeds up the shorter our breaths get. 

We literally alter the aging process with our inspirations. 

Starbucks & Crossfit

What Starbucks has done for the coffee industry, Crossfit has done for fitness.
Starbucks didn't invent coffee. Crossfit didn't invent fitness.
Are they perfect? I really don't think so. 
But they've started a conversation.