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Life Changing Lessons From Two Thought Leaders

Let’s talk about people that inspire us. Let’s talk about people that challenge us to think differently. More importantly, let’s talk about thought leaders that had the courage to put their message out there. I, personally, have too many to count. I try to gain inspiration from many different sources, most of which usually have […]


Sunday Highlights: Alyssa Kilayko Photography

This weekend, I wanted to highlight some of the work of a friend of mine, Alyssa Kilayko. Alyssa’s a research assistant in the New York City area, a fellow adventurer, and a photgrapher who can handle her own behind the camera. The photos you see around this site are hers; We worked together a couple of […]


Creativity Lives In The Body

I’m stoked to announce that I will be starting a series on the blog called the CLIMB Series (Creativity Lives In My Body) I’m extremely excited about it because it’s been something that’s been on my mind for a while. Throughout this series, I will be interviewing scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, leaders and world changers […]