Details or Decorations?

Let’s make this year about honing in on the details
Let’s worry less about adding more layers of decoration
Details are about the process. 
The process can be boring and monotonous.
Decorations are about instant gratification.
Instant gratification is quick and sexy,
It makes us feel accomplished, temporarily, but it isn't sustainable.  
May your 2016 be filled with the boring and the monotonous. 
Happy New Year. 

A Mover & A Maker

Much like I like to call myself a mover instead of an an athlete - I also like to use the language of being "a maker" rather than being "an artist". The language lends itself to each and everyone of us, as opposed to being an artist, as something specialized.
We all make in our own ways. 
We all move in our own ways. 


Alchemy Of Learning

The alchemy of learning involves making ideas theatrical...
— Sophie Howart

The point of teaching is for others to take action - to make a move.
One of the first lessons I learned when I first started teaching... 

  1. Entertain
  2. Educate
  3. Inspire


The incredible thing about technology is it amplifies and extends our reach. The reach of a voice - greater than the reach of one’s touch [..] What is the value or form of making by hand, or making at the pace of the body, when we live in this technologically extended time?” 

Ann Hamilton, On Being Podcast

As we continue to amplify human presence at a distance, 
How does this change our perception of the human touch?
And what are the consequences of desensitization? 

Accountability Matters

The wellness coach has a wellness coach.
The therapist has her own therapist. 
The entrepreneur has a mentor. 
The teacher has her own teacher. 
Accountability matters. 
Seek it out. It's necessary. 

The Dance

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ~Friedrich Nietszche

While most of the world see life as a ‘battle’ -  soldiers on a battlefield,
Perceiving life as something happening to them;
Some of us see life as a dance - performers on a stage. 
Where life is happening for us. 

The thing is, we can only see life as a 'dance' if we're also willing to dance. 
Start dancing.

Be Like Mike

How is it that to this day we are still talking about Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, … etc? 
Maybe because we aren’t actually talking about Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, … etc - 
We’re talking about the ideas behind them and what they represented.

Maybe we don’t really "Wanna be like Mike,
Rather, we want to embody what Mike represented.


Boosting Creativity

I shared this link 2 years ago on how a single exercise session can boost creativity. But what I've come to realize is that the boost in creativity isn't the hard part... the hard part is getting people to believe they actually have something to create - fear. 

"Almost no one I have ever met actually has trouble being creative. What they have trouble with is shipping creativity... That they discard their creativity in favor of safety." ~Seth Godin

Marshmallow Test

"The Stanford marshmallow experiment was a series of studies on delayed gratification... In these studies, a child was offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately or two small rewards if they waited for a short period, approximately 15 minutes, during which the tester left the room and then returned. […] In follow-up studies, the researchers found that children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes…" ~ Wikipedia

Don't eat the marshmallow.
Start with "Why?" 
Put in the effort.
Then… maybe, we’ll talk about the marshmallow.


What Do I Do?

In trying to put a finger on what, exactly, it is I do -
A lot of it deals with changing people’s perspective on play
As it turns out, it’s a lot harder than I thought. 
Mitigating fear can be hard for some people. 


Difficulty & Preparation

There is a negative correlation between difficulty and preparation. 
Low Preparation  → High Difficulty
High Preparation → Low Difficulty

Difficulty only has meaning within context. 
Preparation is the context. 
Not the opinion of others. 

The Collective Body

Steven Johnson, states that "chance favors the connected mind" -
The concept that when we have a hunch of an idea, over time we gather our own hunches with the hunches of others’ and our idea slowly starts to develop. Some call it the collective brain.
I like the idea of the collective body
Where people come together and start a dynamic, kinetic conversation with one another.
Exchanges of energy and movement dialogue that also trigger intellectual conversations.
The important thing is that we place ourselves in the right environment. 
An environment that encourages play and fosters collaboration. 
If we can find that, then we slowly start to see our ideas and our bodies taking shape.

Enlightenment Of Movement

My central views are to bring about the awareness of the unity and mutual inter-relation of all things in movement and to transcend individual thinking to a whole. The enlightenment of movement.
— Stephen Braybrook, The Movement Man


Where does the human body end... Where does it begin? 
When conversations of health come up, it's necessary that we bring up the environment.
 Frank Forencich talks about "the long body” and states that habitat is tissue.
"The body does not stop at the skin; it is continuous with the land and the people around it." 
Everything around us determines our health, and we can even argue for the continuity between our bodies and the environment. The good thing is that we have the ability to design and, more importantly, care for the environment around us. 


How much do emotional and bodily intelligence have in common? 
We’ve been raised to believe that IQ is the determining factor in our success. 
I think, as we get older we start to realize that being able to recognize our emotions and trust our intuition helps us navigate this life a little better. 
Intuition lives deep within our bodies.  
Intuition is feeling, not thinking. 
Follow your gut.